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Google Analytics Update to GA4

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  Google has released its newest version of Google Analytics called GA4 (Google Analytics 4), an updated version of Google Analytics that more accurately tracks users on your website. GA4 will use ‘event’ based tracking instead of ‘session’ tracking. It will therefore measure data per user rather than per session …

Miromedia and GDPR

Miromedia is IASME Certified

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After a considerable period of preparation, we’re pleased to announce that Miromedia are now Cyber Essentials Certified, and GDPR approved via the IASME Consortium Government standard. The importance of ensuring Miromedia as an agency is run in compliance with the new data protection laws is paramount, both to us and …

Last-Click Attribution And The Problem With Data

Simon JonesAnalytics

A Word On Pee Wee Football If you’ve ever watched small children playing football you’ll be familiar with the ‘ball chasing’ phenomenon. All the miniature players get over-excited at the prospect of scoring so all strategy and process is thrown out of the window as over-eager parents scream at their …

Dark Social – A Definitive Guide

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If you’ve noticed an increase in your direct traffic to your website when comparing traffic sources year on year, you may be tempted to put it down to your business’ PR strategy and an increase in brand presence. After all, more people are coming straight to your website…right? Before making …