Google Ad Extensions – Your Complete Guide To The Old And Excitingly New

Published on 4th January, 2017

Recent moves by Google have confirmed long-held suspicions that mobile is the new black, and…

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Mobile Ad spend overtakes PC for the first time

Published on 18th October, 2016

2016 sees Mobile Ad spend overtake PC for the first time. We have taken the…

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Google will allow cross-device remarketing

Published on 29th September, 2016

An official blog post from Google brings good news. After years of people asking, Google…

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Google adds price details to mobile text ads

Published on 29th July, 2016

According to Google’s own Inside AdWords blog, you can now add prices to text campaigns…

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Did you know we’re a Google Partner?

Published on 27th November, 2015

Why being a Google Partner matters Through the years there’s been many pretenders to the…

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Miromedia’s guide to getting the most from your website

Published on 20th October, 2015

Can your site be found for the most relevant keywords? Most websites will appear in…

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What does Google have in store for us in 2014?

Published on 17th December, 2013

If we know one thing about Google, it’s that they love to change things up. But what big changes does Google have in store for us in 2014?

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