Reach More Customers. Sell More Products. Increase Business Profit.

Research services that combine market, conversion, and competitor insights. Delivered together with a full multichannel marketing strategy to get your brand reaching more customers.

We put together a full business and marketing plan for you to implement straight away.

Research and strategy blueprints that deliver actionable insights.


"We found the Blueprint document process excellent from start to finish. Miro demonstrated their expertise throughout and have provided us with something we can use to shape our marketing and commercial strategies on a long term basis rather than a single-use audit other agencies push."

Rob Sankey, Midcounties Co-operative

We're changing the way research is used to drive strategy


Our Blueprints are half research half marketing strategy.

Powered by data-driven primary customer, market and conversion research we map out a customer acquisition marketing plan (or blueprint) and lifetime retention value strategy with all touch points, content, and communications included to help push a customer further to conversion.

The ultimate goal is to;

  • use data to deliver your main marketing objectives,
  • increase year-on-year revenue,
  • maximise business profit in the long-term.

With over 15 years in market research and strategic marketing, our team are fully qualified to deliver a range of research projects...

Free Market Research Guide and Templates

Research is the foundation for all marketing success.

It is suitable for all types and size of business if you build the right project with objectives in mind.

Marketing based on research insights means less wasted costs on advertising spend and website copy that helps convert users into customers.

Want to give it a try? Download our Free Market Research Guide and Customer Feedback Templates to get you started in the right direction!

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Our Research Solutions

Market Research Blueprint

Market research is vital in any size organisation; it helps set strategic direction and keep you competitive in the market. Through quantitative and qualitative research methods we find out who your customers are and what’s important to them to create better marketing communications that speak directly to their needs.

We then benchmark you against competitors and create a marketing channel, customer value, and customer retention strategy you can implement straight away knowing all recommendations are based on data-driven evidence.

Data & Conversion Blueprint

Get a better understanding of how your website visitors behave and what you need to do to persuade them to enquire. Delve deeper into the “why” of your marketing plan with the data and conversion blueprint that aims to understand the psychology of your customers.

Primary research methods aim to give you an understanding of why your customers behave the way they do and what you can do to create a better site experience for them that encourages them to convert.

Stop stealing your competitors' bad ideas. Stealing ideas is playing it safe. Safe isn't revolutionary. It's not what's going to make you stand out!

Our Research Methods Include...

Our research team uses a range of primary (field) and secondary (desk) research to gather data from all sources of insight

Qualitative Research

1:1 Customer Interviews

Customer Surveys

Web and Exit Polls

Live Chat and Call Transcripts

Voice of Customer Analysis

Web Usability Recordings

Quantitative Research

Google Analytics Healthcheck

Goal and Funnel Audits

Customer Life Time Value Analysis

User Intelligence

Site Speed Analysis

Cross-Device/Browser Testing

Desk Research

Target Demographic Analysis

Market Seasonal Trends

Industry Advertising Costs

Average Industry Benchmarks

Competitor Analysis

Persona Creation

5 Steps to Research Success

  • Initial Free No-Commitment Consultation

    We will discuss the problems you are facing, get to know your business, discuss which type of research you're interested in, and set an estimated cost and delivery time to help you decide if you want to proceed.

  • Research Project Proposal

    We will create a research project proposal detailing all the sections of research. The proposal will breakdown what will be included in each section, how long the project is estimated to take with a date of delivery, and the final costs of the blueprint.

  • Regular Updates

    Let us know whether you would like email or video call updates on the progress of the research, and how regularly you would like to be updated.

  • Delivery and Presentation

    Once all the research is complete, we will deliver the blueprint for you to look over and read in your own time. We will schedule in a meeting to present the findings and answer further questions.

  • Implement Findings

    Your Blueprint will have actionable marketing and testing strategies to implement based on the research findings. You are then free to implement the strategy or test optimisation program yourself, hire another agency to implement it or discuss with us the next steps if you wish to use our marketing team for your campaigns.

Which Blueprint is best for your business?

Market Research Blueprint

"I need to know WHO may customers are, WHERE they are, and have a fully customised marketing strategy that helps me reach my target customers, attract them to my site and differentiates us from competitors".

Data & Conversion Blueprint

I need to know HOW my customers behave when they visit my site and WHY they behave that way. I need a better understanding of my target audience so once on my site our value proposition and user experience triggers them to enquire".

FAQs and Additional Information

Typically, we say research takes between 4-5 weeks to complete. This will depend on the scope of work you need and any external factors, such as scheduling in 1:1 interviews with your customers or running a customer survey long enough to get actionable responses. We will discuss with you how long your blueprint will take in the initial consultation and set an expected deadline with regular communication intervals to keep you updated on progress.

Market Research Society

Our research team follows the strict MRS guidelines and Code of Conduct, which are set out to ensure all research is conducted in a professional and high-quality manner.

All MRS members and research practitioners must maintain these professional standards when working on research projects. We regularly keep up to date with the latest guidance and support given by the MRS to make sure all our clients are compliant with all data handling.