Google adds price details to mobile text ads

Simon JonesAdWords

Price Extensions - Rows_framed

According to Google’s own Inside AdWords blog, you can now add prices to text campaigns on mobile. It’s another exciting development in AdWords and shows Google are really pushing to let marketers provide consumers with as much relevance in their search as possible.

When consumers search for a specific product online, price comparison is a huge factor in their search. I know first hand having stood in actual shops with a product in my hand and my phone in the other to see if I can find it cheaper online. Giving consumers instant pricing information helps them make decisions more easily.

On that basis, adding pricing to ads could hugely increase the number of qualified people who click through to your site. Early trials run by Google have shown an increase of up to 18% in click-through rate (CTR):

“Our mission is to help consumers find the right unit for their self-storage needs, so we were incredibly excited to see the success of price extensions in our campaigns. By including the unit sizes and prices customers can expect before visiting our website, we’ve seen an 18% lift in CTR when price extensions show with our ads.”

– Mike Smith, Sr. Marketing Manager at Extra Space Storage

We’ll be working with all our AdWords clients to put this in place where it’s relevant.

If you’ve got an AdWords campaign that you need managing, get in touch and we’ll see how we can help.