Link Trading Game – the Next Monopoly?

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If you are after the ultimate geek/SEO pass time then your prayers have been answered. A Majestic SEO powered trading game, linkDAQ, has recently launched that works in a similar way to any stocks & shares investment game. The difference is that the stocks aren’t valued on orders, profits or confidence. They are valued on the amount of new links they are attracting. For example, if Google launches a new product or has a really smart Google doodle people will link to it more, causing the value to rise. However if they don’t launch any nice new products and there isn’t a great deal going on the amount of people linking will remain steady, causing the price to stay the same or drop. You can only choose from the top 50,000 domains and the top ones are obviously more expensive than the bottom ones as they attract far more links.

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The value of each domain is updated once a day when Majestic update their index.

My portfolio is made up of;

  • BBC
  • Reddit
  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Buzzfeed
  • WordPress
  • Apple

They are all solid performers in that none will suffer any huge losses. I’ve tried to keep my portfolio to sites that are centred on news or social, with the exception of Google, Apple and WordPress who all attract high numbers of links for other reasons. Only time will tell how wise my investments are.