Is FB A Closing Book?

Ian HancockIndustry News, Social Media

Facebook is the worlds biggest social network by some way. It’s bigger than MySpace ever was, but it could be heading in a similar direction according to recent figures.

SocialBakers, an independent analysis firm, has released figures that indicate a 4% drop in US visitors to the site in the last month: a 6 million visit fall. In the last six months 9 million monthly US visitors and 2 million UK visitors have stopped going to the site the data reports. When MySpace fell, it fell fast and if this data is to be believed Facebook could be heading the same way.

There are plenty of reasons as to why people could be abandoning the social giant: privacy complications, advertising, frequent & confusing redesigns. The list goes on. What’s perplexing is that when MySpace fell, it fell to the new kid on the block: Facebook. Facebook has no clear competitors other than Twitter, which offers a very different experience.

Although there is no clear competitor that may be attracting users away from Facebook, the fact remain that people get bored quickly and Facebook has been on top for a long time. The internet moves on fast and people are constantly looking fro the next big buzz….