How Obama & Romney Stack Up in Social Media

Ian HancockIndustry News, Social Media

Yesterday millions of Americans decided that Obama deserves another 4 years in the White House. A big chunk of these voters will, at some point, have expressed their preferred candidate on social media. For the last week Facebook and Twitter have been awash with US election stuff, and that’s just in the UK. The electorate are not the only people using social media. A few weeks ago I posted about how the two main candidates used Facebook and other social media. Today I’m revisiting this, but this time with the facts and figures.


As well as dominating the election, he also dominates social media.

FB Likes: 33 million

Twitter Followers: 23 million

Instagram Followers: 1.7 million

He also boasts the most liked Facebook photo ever – well over 3 million likes! And if that wasn’t enough the same picture is also part of the most popular tweet of all time.


Came to social media much later than Obama.

FB likes: 12 million

Twitter Followers: 1.75 million

Instagram Followers: 85 thousand

Basically, Obama blows Romney out of the water in all three sections. Plus having the most liked Facebook photo ever and the most popular tweet ever is a pretty cool achievement. Here it is;

The picture of Barack and Michelle Obama, captioned 'Four more years.'