Google to add buy button to search results?

Simon JonesEcommerce

There’s some very interesting reading in an article posted on The Verge this weekend. Why’s it interesting? Because it suggests Google will add Buy Now buttons to paid search results “in the coming weeks”.

That’s big news and means Google could be set to take Amazon and eBay head on.

Without anything confirmed it’s pure speculation but, according to The Verge, testing will begin soon:

“According to a new report in The Wall Street Journal, Google plans to begin testing “buy buttons” that live inside the ads it puts above its normal search results. These sponsored results will reportedly take you to a special purchasing page that’s still hosted by Google where you can pick what type of product you want, and how soon you want to get it — all without leaving Google itself. Meanwhile, the company will let you store your credit card information to do it all over again at another time.”

The article also points out that this will only be tested on mobile searches to begin with as smartphone searches are much more prolific, having overtaken desktop search in ten countries recently.

This is huge news for websites that sell online. If you’ve got an eCommerce website and would like some advice on how to get more out of it, call us on 01926 358 200 and we’ll happily help.