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What We Learnt at Brighton SEO

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Last Friday (10th September), the Miromedia SEO Team headed down to the latest BrightonSEO Conference to listen to a series of talks and training courses about all things Search Engine Optimisation.

In an era that is becoming more and more digital, advancements in SEO are as important as ever, so keeping up-to-date with what’s new in the industry is crucial for us to stay on top. We’re then able to deliver the best, most up-to-date techniques in SEO for our clients, to be able to produce the best possible results for them.

We’ve put together a list of some of the talks and topics we covered to give you an idea of what we’ll be focusing on as well as other areas for us to specialise in.


Leveraging AI to automate repetitive tasks 

As the title suggests, this talk showed us some really useful (and very technical) ways to save time through automation which then opens up more time for us to concentrate on other techniques and strategies.

Monitoring Page Speed At Scale

Another strategy here for automation allows us to keep an eye on a key Google ranking factor, page speed. This technique will allow us to spot any areas to fix/improve much quicker and make changes for improvement.

Technical SEO

Google Page Speed

As well as learning faster ways to automate the monitoring of page speed, this talk took us through the technical aspects of how we can improve page speeds and the best areas to focus on.

On-Site SEO

Optimising Javascript 

JavaScript is a programming language that allows complex features to be added to web pages. This talk took us through some key areas to focus on to keep your website optimised and running efficiently.

Why is organic CTR so low?

Taking us through some of the areas to focus on before putting content on a page, this talk was useful in reminding us to look at the bigger picture for keywords as well as focussing on searches at all levels of the customer journey.

Local SEO

Google My Business does drive traffic

A big statement for the name of this talk, but the evidence was there. Here we were taken through the journey and tracking of multiple GMB posts and how an agency proved their success.

User Intent

Understanding User Journeys

Demonstrating the value of search experience and how it is much more than just core web vitals, this talk provided an updated content creation process keeping user intent at the forefront. 

How to Integrate data sources to develop SEO Personas

This talk provided useful insight in SEO personas, why they are useful and how to develop personas further by integrating data sources. 

On-site Content

The Underrated Powers of Internal Linking

As the title suggests this talk discussed the value of internal links and how to use internal links strategically. By providing actionable takeaways this talk was very useful in demonstrating how small changes can have a big impact.

As you can see, there’s a lot of information here to take in, which may be overwhelming for you but exciting for us. We can’t wait to start using the new techniques we’ve learnt and see what improvements we can make.

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