Use LinkedIn To Grow Your Business

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LinkedIn is a powerful platform for advertising and can help your business reach an influential professional audience. This social platform offers a very specific user base, making LinkedIn unique and much less competitive against any other social platform.

According to Foundation Inc, 80% of B2B leads come from LinkedIn in comparison to 13% on Twitter and 7% on Facebook. This staggering statistic demonstrates that 4 out of every 5 leads comes from LinkedIn. This makes advertising the right product or service in the right way a no brainer for B2B companies. 

If you’re considering advertising on LinkedIn there are a few aspects to consider: 

  • Set the right objective 
  • Find your market – is your audience on LinkedIn?
  • Only advertise on LinkedIn if the product or service is of high monetary value. Smaller ticket items won’t see the value as ads are more expensive.
  • Ad copy & creative that converts
  • Retargeting

LinkedIn Ads are typically more expensive but the audience tends to be typically more targeted. So although you are spending more, the ROI tends to be significantly higher. 

Elements of a LinkedIn Ad

Here are the basic elements of a LinkedIn Ad:

  1. Introductory Text 
  2. Image or Video 
  3. Headline 
  4. Call to Action (CTA) Button: Download, Sign Up, Learn More, Get Quote


  • Keep ads under 150 characters as they tend to perform better
  • Call out your target audience “Are you an architect or property manager?”
  • Provide multiple CTA links within the ads

LinkedIn Strategies

RTA Funnel (Sponsored Content – this will appear in users LinkedIn Feeds) 

Your campaign avatar is your target audience, for example if you’re a construction company your audience may be split out into property developers and property investors.

Cost Benchmarks:

  • £3-6 a click
  • £12-30 a lead 
  • £85-200 an appointment

DTA Funnel (Sponsored Content) – This type of strategy is very simple.

Cost Benchmarks:

  • £5-9 a click
  • £40-80 a lead 
  • £80-200 an appointment

Sponsored InMail: Remarketing 

Cost Benchmarks:

  • £1-2 a click
  • £25-50 an appointment

Some companies have found that this type of advertising has a higher success rate than conventional email marketing. Sponsored InMail is beneficial for smaller audiences of up to 2,000 as it achieves a higher click through rate. 

How To Create Your Campaign

Set Your Objective

LinkedIn has continued to improve and evolve their advertising tool, Campaign Manager and in July 2019 launched objective based advertising. This allows you to set a clear outline for your campaign goal, choosing from the below categories. 

Build Your Audience

Once you’ve chosen the right objective for your campaign it’s time to start building out your audience. There are many layers of targeting that you can include, such as job title company name, industry and professional or personal interests. 

Choose Your Ad Format 

Deciding which ad format you choose will be determined by which LinkedIn Strategy you choose. For example, if you choose the RTA or DTA Funnel your sponsored content will appear in your audiences LinkedIn Feeds. Therefore you have three options: Single Image, Carousel or Video Ads. 

If you choose InMail Remarketing you would choose the Message Ad format.

Deciding Your Bid & Budget 

LinkedIn will provide recommendations on the amount to set your budget at. This is determined from competitor data and how much they are bidding on similar ads. However, you can set your budget to a figure that you see fit for your campaign.

Add Your Ad Creative

When choosing and adding your creatives it is worth looking into the LinkedIn ad specifications and guidelines to ensure your creative fits the recommended sizing.

We hope you enjoy setting up your LinkedIn Ads! We’d love to know how your ads are performing and if you’d like any further advice or would like us to create a bespoke LinkedIn Strategy for your business, call us on 01926 358 200 or drop us an email at