The Power Of Google Is Ever Growing

Ian Hancock Google

Some would say that the power of Google is now as far reaching as any technology that influences our lives. It influences the way we choose purchases and what information we take in, it has a trusted brand and it finds what we want (quickly). Google is so helpful right?

It’s hard to imagine a world without the Google Search Engine, to make sense of our online thoughts and offer us solutions. Sometimes we even forget that Google is a money making company, because it offers such great free services.
It’s no surprise to me that Google has recently offered to pledge over £107m to European news publishers and journalism. This offer has found support from The Financial Times and The Guardian, to name just 2 UK companies. It seems Google has an interest in media, as well as looking to improve it’s profile.

Will this investment lead to fair reporting? That is a difficult question to answer, but one thing is for sure, no companies want to upset their investors. We can only hope that this is a step in the right direction. As Google is under scrutiny these day, due to accusations of monopoly.

Google say they want to favour original content in search results and let’s hope they do. However, it will be interesting to see search engine performance for Google supported press, compared to organisations absent from any agreement.