Need some relief from this heatwave?

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Bad night’s sleep in the sweltering heat?

I’m not surprised. Yesterday was officially the hottest ever July day on record with 36.7° measured at Heathrow.

So, what can you do about the sudden heat? Let’s be honest, it’s the same every year. There’s a heatwave and everybody rushes out to buy fans in their droves…but they’re all sold out. The only ones left are the small desk fans and you could do a better job fanning yourself with a piece of A4 paper.

What’s the long term solution?

I’ve got a couple of friends in America and they’re always amazed when I tell them that hardly anybody in the UK has air con. In fact, for most of us the closest we’ve got to it is spending twenty minutes struggling with the in-room air con at a hotel, giving up and settling for a stuffy night’s sleep.

Good air con isn’t that hard to find and our client Cool You provide some really unique, innovative solutions to the air con problem.

For a lot of people, installing an outside air con unit on their house is difficult as the buildings are old or listed. For people who live in flats and apartments, it’s even worse as it’s impossible to fit an outside unit. Luckily for them, Cool You provide air con units that don’t need an outside unit.

Sick of sleepless nights when it’s swelteringly hot? Visit the Cool You website and give Julian Peyser a call…tell him we sent you!

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