Miro University: Paid Traffic Mastery

Simon JonesUncategorized

Miromedia has recently began the Miro University, involving team members taking online courses related to their role within the business, they then present their course to the rest of the team.

The idea behind Miro University is to help the team understand what each team member does for the company in this ever evolving industry. This helps everyone to stay on the same page and to work towards the same goals, sharing knowledge and up-skilling the team. During this learning platform we also look for opportunities to apply the course’s teachings to our clients to provide the best digital marketing service at Miromedia.

My presentation for Miro University was on the Digital Marketer course Paid Traffic Mastery 2019 Edition. This course does a fantastic job of outlining the fundamentals of paid traffic and the core concepts, including the Customer Value Journey, understanding and addressing different ‘temperatures’ of paid traffic, utilising all of your campaign assets efficiently (including target market, ad copy & ad scent) to give your campaigns the best chance of hitting your targets, and then dives into various platforms (or traffic shops). 

The course went into detail about some of the biggest and best platforms for paid traffic such as Google, Facebook, YouTube & LinkedIn. It clearly broke these platforms down, and explained their points with examples & case studies/success stories.

The course also dived into the following:

  • Which platforms are best for different objectives
  • Questions to ask yourself before you get started
  • How to set up your campaigns
  • what to expect
  • what to aim for
  • Reaching your target market
  • Creatives & ad copy
  • Setting up tracking
  • Re-marketing
  • Analysing your data
  • Troubleshooting campaigns which aren’t hitting targets
  • What to do next when the campaigns are hitting targets

Working for Miromedia I am frequenting the Facebook Ads Manager more and more over time as the platform becomes increasingly useful for achieving desirable results every year. I create new campaigns with greatly differing objectives, set up the conversion tracking (which also allows for remarketing) on client websites, testing different ad creatives (imagery/formats) & copy to see how the target audience responds, optimising the campaigns through analysis, fixing campaigns which aren’t operating as desired and more. One of my targets for 2020 is to become an expert in Facebook Advertising, to the point where I can become the “go-to guy” for anything Facebook Ads related at Miromedia. So in taking this course, I was particularly interested in the information regarding this platform, and was pleasantly surprised by the depth they went into.

The clarity and depth the course went into meant that taking structured notes was easy, and translating these notes into a condensed presentation was equally efficient. I find myself referring to these notes and my presentation frequently when working on or setting up campaigns to make sure I’m asking myself the right questions and giving them the best chance of success. When presenting to the team, talking through different points and aspects of the course prompted many discussions about how these different teachings can be applied to many of our clients, and how other team members can assist in improving the overall client experience with Miromedia. 

On the whole I think it is safe to say that Miromedia benefited greatly as a company from this section of Miro University, our knowledge of the different platforms for paid traffic is greatly improved, we work together better as a team, and as a result we are able to provide an even better service to our clients.