Meet The Team – Andy Clarke

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Introducing our Digital Marketing Executive Andy Clarke who specialises in Google & Facebook Ads.

From an early age Andy has enjoyed maths, figures and analysing/breaking down this information in order to gain a better understanding and form conclusions. This analytical mindset played a role in choosing some of his A level subject choices of Maths & Statistics and Economics.

“It didn’t take long to develop a real passion for economics. The methodical, analytical approach required to grasp and apply the many theories and formulas with real world examples” Andy found a love of analysis of data to assist in explaining or arguing points in clear structured answers.

Fast forward to July 2017, Andy successfully graduated from University of Portsmouth with a 2:1 in Economics, Finance and Banking.

Once emerging from University, Andy began to research into what career he would like to pursue. With so many options available, he knew an analytical and data driven route was something he knew he would enjoy. However, he also wanted a creative and performance driven element to his role. This threw a spanner in the works as he was unaware of opportunities that could offer both analytical and creative elements.

In April 2019 Andy was invited by Ian and Pete to the Miromedia offices. They introduced him to the world of digital marketing, something that Andy had little knowledge of. By showing him some of the different key areas and services digital marketing agencies offer, it didn’t take long for Andy to realise he was interested in the subject and had plenty of skills he could put to use at Miromedia.

“My mind was opened to a new world and I was keen to learn more.” Andy started at Miromedia with a 3 month trial/internship, with lots of raw talent, but no previous industry experience. Andy took this time to get stuck into every task and project and learnt as much as he could about the services and functions of Miromedia, and how his skills could complement and enhance their performance.

“I absorbed absolutely everything I could in those 3 months, gaining many valuable accreditations along the way to prove my progress.” During this time Andy noticed he particularly enjoyed anything to do with Pay Per Click (PPC) such as Google & Facebook ads. In August 2019 he started full time at Miromedia and has continued to learn ever since, helping drive some great results for clients and enjoying every minute of it!

“My proudest accomplishment so far is increasing one of my client’s Google Ads revenue by 128% from 2019 to 2020, while at the same time increasing the return on investment from 3.9x to 6.1x.”

Andy Out of Office

Outside of work Andy loves to play disc golf and just can’t get enough of it! Andy aims to go for a round twice a week for some much needed fresh air & competition. He often plays in a group with friends but has entered in 4 tournaments at his local club Quarry Park. “Prior to working at Miromedia I actually worked at Quarry Park, managing and maintaining the course, which was great because it kept me fit and I got to play for free!”

Andy’s love for sports began when he was young as he grew up playing wildly different sports. Andy avidly played Rugby for 9 years as a winger for Kenilworth Rugby Club, and Judo for 4 years. He also loves skiing, and has been on 2 ski trips so far, next time he hopes to try snowboarding!

Fun fact

Andy loves gaming and has done since he was young, over the years he has owned around 16 different consoles to feed his addiction!