Mapping through the eyes of Mandela

Simon JonesGoogle, Internet, Stuff

Every day Google astound and amaze us but some days they just make us stop and think, wow. While last week it was with the hunt for Nessie, this week it is much more serious in nature and with it all the more amazing.

If you navigate to the home screen of Google Chrome there you will find it, what can only be described as mapping seen through Mandela’s eyes.

Putting the Street View functionality of Google Maps to incredible use, Google allow you to navigate your way around South Africa’s Robben Island – the prison in which Nelson Mandela was forced to call home for 18 years from 1964 – 1982.

Now a museum, visits to Robben Island usually need to be booked at least two days in advance and last 3 1/2 hours, and of course they also require you to travel to the island off the coast of Cape Town. Making this integral part of South Africa’s history accessible to everyone across the globe, Google’s virtual tour allows you to roam the cells and explore the guard towers of this former prison without even having to move away from your smartphone, tablet or computer.

Allowing you to learn more about the history of Robben Island, the tour also features an audiovisual element, with former political prisoner Vusumzi Mcongo acting as your guide.

Take the tour for yourself here.