LinkedIn: A New Platform For Content Marketing?

Ian HancockLinkedIn, Social Media

Linked In

Without a doubt, LinkedIn has managed to establish a gargantuan name for itself within the world that is social networking. More recently, the company have introduced transformations to the website and overall user interface that can potentially offer huge benefits for SEO. Emarketer (an independent market research company) have studied these changes more expansively in there Emarketer Report taken over the past few years.

The Changes to LinkedIn Include:

  • An updated user interface (status updates, adding media and documents etc)
  • The Acquisition of SlideShare
  • Testing sponsored Updates ad unit
  • Launched a refreshed version of digital news service ‘LinkedIn Today’

Why Should We Use LinkedIn?

Within the report, comScore (an American Internet Analytics company) disclosed the findings that LinkedIn had passed Twitter in the rankings. They currently hold the position for second-largest social network in the world, ranked by unique visitors. This information alone exhibits good reason for getting your business involved, along with their foreseeable desire to secure the position of top hiring resource.

SEO Benefits

With regards to what these changes offer to SEO – the new & updated services will now allow for a powerful content publishing platform. Offering its users more than just a social network and a opening a window of opportunity for content marketing as a whole. You’re now able to easily showcase fresh content you’ve produced, whether this is through the form of a word document, SlideShare (powerpoint style), image or video.

The posted content provides huge advantages for marketers wanting to create trusted, professional connections with people; participating and engaging with industry influencers, as well as increasing brand presence. A 2012 review illustrated that around 80% of users utilised LinkedIn for marketing. This increased activity is very promising and provides solid potential for LinkedIn’s future as an authoritative, content rich site.