How the Conservatives used paid search to win the election

Simon JonesPay Per Click


If you ever need convincing that spending a decent whack on paid search is worth it, take a look at this study BuzzFeed have put together on how the Conservative party outbid their rivals in the run up to the election. The election that they won.

The major British political parties spent a grand total of £1,370,512 on Facebook advertising. Of that, £1.2 million was spent by the Tories compared to the paltry £16,454 spent by Labour. In comparison, UKIP spent £91,322, the Lib Dems spent £22,245 and the SNP spent just £5,466.

Added to that, the Tory party spent £312,033 on Google advertising.

Labour spent just £371.

One of the really important takeaways is that the Tories had advice on the best possible place to spend their budget: Facebook. How did they work that out? Research, testing and analysis.

“We tested everything: display advertising, Google AdWords, Facebook. We found unequivocally that Facebook was the easiest way to reach the people we wanted to reach in the places we wanted to reach them.”

It’s incredibly important to spend your budget wisely and make sure it’s going to solve the problem you’ve got. If you’d like help putting together a successful paid search campaign, call us on 01926 358 200 or get in touch.