How Passle Can Reduce the Hassle of Business Blogging

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Passle, a free content generation and blogging tool. Developed as a user-friendly platform, Passel has been created with the aim to help solve the common problem of stagnation with business blogging. Hugely invaluable, quality content is central to any online business, from boosting marketing endeavours, creating a tone of voice that targets a key demographic and demonstrating expertise, high quality content has many advantages.

Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, Google views websites with high quality and relevant content positively, as their personal business objective lies in seamlessly and intuitively answering the public’s questions. With this in mind, blogging has fast become a convenient tool for businesses to produce content on a regular basis.

The Bottom Line of Business Blogging:

  1. Research shows that 15 blog posts per month can result in 10 times the website traffic and 5 times the leads.
  2. While most marketers and businesses know that blogging is important, only 1 in 8 are actually doing it.
  3. 63 per cent of businesses that continuously update blogs can also run a successful Twitter and/or Facebook account compared to just 13 per cent of businesses who do not have an updated blog, this is because the blog feeds the social networks.
  4. A blog post is powerful enough to influence a purchase, as businesses that blog frequently get more visitors to their site.
  5. However, a survey completed by Passle of over 802 marketers from the US, UK and Canada in July and August 2013, found that 70% of marketers said they were unable to keep an updated blog, surprisingly of more than 3 posts a year!

In turn, Passle enables businesses to quickly add content to their blog effortlessly throughout the day, by commenting on industry news or related articles found online.

Creating a Passle Account

  • Create your free Passle account

  • Install the Passle button

  • Set up your business profile, adding general information, descriptions, selecting a style and linking to social channels.

  • To create a post you must highlight a paragraph or segment of text relevant to your business that you have found online.

  • Once you have highlight an interesting segment of text click the Passel button you previously installed.


  • Clicking the Passle button will then open a handy pop-up where you can simply enter your comments, opinions and views on the selected segment; this can be as long or as short as you like.

  • Once you have added your comment save and share your post, it’s as simple as that! Additionally, don’t forget to to then share your post via all of your social channels.

With these simple steps users can effortlessly create an account, drag the Passle button to their browser, customise their fully-hosted blog to match their brand and start creating content. Moreover, the Passle blog can also be embedded in a company’s website.

Here is a successful example of a business who utilises Passle to frequently update their blog –