Google’s Plans For The Near Future

Ian HancockIndustry News, Search Engine Optimisation

Yesterday Matt Cutts, the man in charge of search spam at Google, outlined what to expect from Google in the next few months from the perspective of an SEO or webmaster. He was responding to the question, “What should we expect in the next few months in terms of SEO for Google?” He provides a useful insight into what’s to come, without giving too much away. Here are some of the points he covered:

Penguin – There’s another Penguin update on the way, dubbed Penguin 2.0, and its set to arrive in the next few weeks! Its going to be bigger and deeper so will cause a major stir in the industry. If you somehow survived last years updates and still haven’t cleaned up your act, now is the time to do so.

Better Link Analysis – He indicated that Google is developing improved link analysis software that will help Google understand links better and then act upon this new link knowledge.

Dealing With Panda Fallout – Google plan on ‘softening’ the blow as many sites hit by Panda were borderline cases. This will be done by looking at other quality metrics. Good news for many sites hit unfairly.

Advertorial Links – Some sites have already been penalised for using advertorials as a means to boosting link profiles. Cutts has stated that Google will be going after more and more sites for using such methods to manipulate search results.

Authority Boosts – Over the summer months Google will be providing genuinely authoritative sites, in their specific industries, with ranking boosts.

Diverse Results Pages – In the last year or so the number of results pages with multiple results from the same domain seems to have increased. This year Google aims to make results more diverse, particularly on the first page of results.

You can watch Cutts answer the question and cover the above in more detail, as well as a few other forthcoming changes to the way Google Works.

If you would like Miromedia to take a look at your site and provide advice as to how best prepare for these and any other Google updates, just get in touch. We are always happy to help.