Google + more important than Facebook and Twitter

Ian HancockSocial Media

According to a new report from Searchmetrics, websites which have a higher number of social shares, comments and retweets rank better in Google. Based on analysis of 10,000 search terms from Google UK, Google + has the strongest correlation between the rankings and social media. Yet this is a correlation rather than causation but there is a definite relationship between the two – see table below.

Websites which rank in the top positions of Google naturally have a large number of social signals but that could be because those sites which are informative, interesting and popular, are naturally shared more frequently. In addition, those sites with lower rankings also have a low number of social signals. The results found that those with Google +1s have a stronger correlation with high rankings than Facebook and Twitter shares and Pinterest has the lowest correlation of the four main social networking sites.

Therefore it appears that by integrating Google+ into your online marketing campaigns, you can achieve better search ranking results. Actively use Google + and add Google + social media buttons on each page to make content more shareable – in order to try and increase search engine rankings.

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