Does your email marketing work?

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If you open your inbox now I bet it’s full of emails from companies trying to get you to buy things. I bet you don’t even have to go and open your inbox to tell me that it is. There’s probably even more since you last checked it.

Google have even introduced a filter in Gmail that grabs those emails and puts them in their own folder.


So why are there so many emails flying around?

Because they work.

Is email marketing getting enough focus?

It’s a fact: email marketing does work. Econsultancy ran a research program recently that shows 73% of companies agree that email marketing gives excellent to good return on investment. The same research shows that almost a quarter of all sales come from email marketing.

So why are companies only spending an average of 15% of their marketing budget on email marketing?

Put more in, get more back

Companies that focus on email marketing as a proper marketing channel get much more back from it. Having teams or individuals dedicated to email marketing – whether internal or outsourced – sees an even better return. In fact, according to Econsultancy’s report “more than three-quarters of organisations with individuals or teams dedicated to email marketing (78% and 82% respectively) rated their ROI from this channel as good or excellent”.

We’ve seen it first hand with our own clients. We began working with one of our online retail clients in 2014 and we’ve watched their monthly sales from email marketing increase by over 230% and the number of individual transactions increase by 210%.

Companies who focus on email make it work.

I read an article by David Moth recently that explains how Ray Ban have thought outside the box with their email marketing:

I’d highly recommend reading the article…but let’s stay here for a minute. In summary, Ray Ban send post sale emails to people as soon as summer starts. They waited 10 months to email David after he bought a pair of Ray Bans to ask him to leave a review. By that point he’d worn his Ray Bans a lot. He might even be ready to buy a new pair.

That’s been thought about by a dedicated email marketing team, not just done to tick a box.

Not everybody can bring an email marketing team on board. That’s why we’re here. We’ve got years of expertise with email marketing and, more importantly, our clients have seen the results of allowing us to focus on it as a proper digital marketing stream.

If you want to have a chat about your email marketing and find out how we could help improve it, give us a call on 01926 358 200 or get in touch.

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