Benefits of Blogging (not just another link building service)

Ian HancockLink Building

Guest blogging is a buzz term which is being heightened in the industry right now. Under the mumbles of people complaining about their website being knocked off the Google radar, this term has came from the ashes as being the primary way to pull your site back up the rankings. However guest blogging has many benefits and it’s not just another link building service. It works on many levels from an seo point of view and as an online pr strategy.

Guest blogging is a powerful way of building up strong relationships and brand exposure. Along with creating good quality backlinks for your site, guest blogging allows you to make your brand synonymous with great information and therefore a go to resource.

The biggest mistake many bloggers make is by seeing guest blogging as solely a link building service and therefore create low quality articles in order to grab the link. Yet there is a missing link to this way of thinking. By creating a relevant, interesting and informative blog, readers will associate your company with authority and this in itself can generate traffic to your site. Creating an evoking article about something related to your company will enable the reader to see you as a valid source and invest trust into your product and service.

For example if your a company selling mattresses, create blogs about the “benefits of sleep”, “what your sleep position says about you or “How to deal with snoring effectively”. The key is to dominate the web with information from your company. Write about niche topics and things which are unique and interesting. Be the first company to blog and write about current research findings or events.

Building a relationship takes time and it’s also a good idea to be a regular contributor to a site. By showing you are genuinely interested in a community this will enable you to forge relationships as opposed to offering a one off blog post. Establish what your area is and find a great quality site looking for contributors that you can post to time again. Interact with your audience by responding to the posts on your article.

Many bloggers will post a great article but not share it with the world. The key to keeping a link alive and spreading the pr seed is content syndication. Share the article link via social networking sites on your business pages. Twitter and Facebook followers will be increased as people share unique information from your article. Ultimately this will help you capture a wider audience.

The biggest blogging benefit is the potential business opportunities that can surface when working in online marketing. If you’re using blogging forums consistently and offering high quality posts you will be recognised as a professional. People who are looking for guest posts may then ask you whether or not you offer link building services and business can be generated from there.

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