Creating a Content Marketing Strategy

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Content marketing is non-interruption marketing which essentially means that rather than directly promoting your products and services, content is created which seeks to build a trusting relationship. By providing content that is relevant and meaningful to customers, you can encourage them to connect with your brand and ultimately choose your’s over others. When you connect with a brand you are more likely to be receptive to any marketing messages, so when they are ready to buy they will remember you.

By creating relevant content and seeding it out, you will be seen as a go to information source. Naturally when a brand spreads out information whether this is through youtube, press releases, social media, we naturally see them as an authority.

Before embarking on a content marketing strategy, there are a few things to consider:

What is my niche?What is my customer looking for? What type of content will they be interested in? How can I create interesting yet consistent content?

When creating content keep it relevant, entertaining and informative. If you are bored writing it, then readers will switch off. Create a content calendar and get your copywriters or staff involved on different days so that content creation is consistent. Deciding on what type of content to create is also important. Here are some of the main types to integrate into your strategy


Since the Google algorithm updates, creating fresh new content is the most natural and safest way to keep your site up to date, searchable and relevant. From an seo point of view it’s not always practical to change the optimised on page content but having a blog on your site allows you to keep adding new content which benefits the site.

Create a reliable and informative blog which talks about products, services, industry relevant topics and exciting news. Have a motivation behind your post and don’t just churn out anything just to add new content. Forced content will turn readers off. Optimise your blogs and use targeted keywords throughout. Link to other internal blogs throughout the article as this increases the time someone spends on the site. Ideally you should be looking to do around 5 posts a week or every working day as consistency is key.

Guest blogging for other sites is a great way of offering information to a community. Seek out groups of people writing about certain topics as it’s likely your customers may be looking at these forums for information and advice. Guest blogging is also a great way of getting back links to your site, as many blog owners will offer one or two links in exchange for an article., blogger link up and guestr are the most popular guest blogging sites.

Press Releases

There has been some debate about whether press releases work from a link building/seo point of view. Press releases can be created and then submitted to sites for distribution but there could be bad consequences as a result. Doing this may be considered as duplication and could cause more harm than good. That said, press releases aren’t a quick link building fix and fit into a wider content marketing strategy. They help build brand awareness and forge relationships. Pr Fire , News Wire Today, Pr Zoom and Idea Marketers are some of the best free press release sites.


Infographics are great as they reduce content which is lengthy and complicated into a simple presentable way. They have the potential to go viral as they are easy to share and digest. On social media channels there is a lot of content and a lot of conversations happening, so easy to consume information is always a winner.

These are just a few things you can include within a content marketing strategy. Miromedia are a digital SEO Coventry agency who provide a range of content marketing services. For more information on how we can create you a tailored plan, contact our team on 01926 358200.