9 Reasons to Blog for Your Business

Ian HancockGeneral, Social Media

Too many business and corporate websites don’t have a blog. Blogs are more than just a way of getting news out there. They are great for business in a number of ways. Below are nine.

1.More Traffic

One of the main reasons for regularly blogging on your corporate website is to get more traffic. Google loves new content and blogs are the quickest way of adding content to your site. Including a few long-tail keywords in each blog post will help the post to appear for targeted searches.

2.Showcase Your Knowledge

A blog is a great way of showing potential clients how knowledgeable you are. An interesting, regularly updated blog will help boost your overall creditability in your field.

3.Earn trust

If clients and prospects read your blog and like what they see, they will trust your business more. Positioning your business as experts in your field is key to attracting/retaining business.

4.You Learn

If you are blogging regularly, then you will have to do a bit of research and spend time looking for topics. This will help you sharpen up your knowledge and learn a few new things about your industry.

5.Educates and Enthuses Staff

Not only can you learn new things from blogging, but so can the rest of the team. Getting each member of staff to contribute to the blog on a regular basis will teach them new things about the business.

6.Opens a Dialogue

Having a comments section on your blog can open up a dialogue with new customers and encourages them to communicate with you on an informal platform, which many prefer for initial contact.

7.Shows Another Side of Your Organisation

As mentioned above; blogging shows a different side to your business and is less formal than other elements of your profile. This can help to build trust in your brand and projects the idea that your business isn’t just a faceless organisation, but that there are individuals who make it up.

8.Platform for Case Studies

A blog is a great place to tell potential customers how great you are at what you do. Brief case studies and examples of work are a brilliant addition to any business blog and they will help others to understand what you do and how you can help them. Shows that You are still going/enthusiastic in your field

9.More Business

Ultimately blogging can lead to more business. The above 8 points all make your business more attractive to your target market.

There’s no denying it; blogging is a good use of your time. Its quick and easy and getting everyone to chip in makes it a pretty painless task.

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