Why use one cake, when you can use two?

Ian HancockStuff

Last, but my no means least…. Today saw a flexing of the rule book, when Cakesmith Ian Hancock entered the cooking competition with a double entry.

The unorthodox approach of going last looked like a mistake, when Ian lined up against the other bakers, as he has seen the bar raised again and again.

Let us not forget that, over recent days, many obstacles have been thrown in his path, but Ian has stayed true to his word and produced the goods, on the final day of the competition. A special mention to the obstacles that Ian has fended off – like industrial espionage, being knocked off his bike and having alternative cakes arrive, from a local baker, on his day (dirty tactics indeed Gus).

With all this going on, and knowing that he would need to get his wiggle on, to beat the opposition, Ian made two cakes. Cake one, a Chocolate and Orange cake and a back up cake, Walnut and Coffee.

It was decided that the Chocolate and Orange cake would be the one that we voted for (and who were we to argue boss?). With many layers and lots of decoration, I am starting to wonder if all these cakes have a deeper meaning? How many cakes have been a reflection of life? Have the bakers expressed their inner sides? Has all this cake made me go mad? All I know is the competition is over, and I for one will morn it’s passing. Well done everyone.

Anyway, the voters will decide whether Ian’s cake/s will take the crown. No pressure, but Ian reminded everyone that, if he wins, there will be a prize for second place. Stay tuned, as this was our last entry. It’s now over to Sarah for the voting….. hmmm…..?

Taster comments:-

Cake looked good and I liked the multi-layer effect. Something we have not seen before in the competition. Cake was moist, but I could not spot the orange.

A grand entry from our leader – A nice moist chocolate sponge, with great layering effect. All in all a superb end to a very tense and highly competitive fortnight of cake scoffing.

Presentation: The quad-sponge layering looked great. Good contrast between the mahogany sponge and the Naples Yellow icing. It looked like an edible bee. Taste: The chocolate was present but the orange seemed to have gone AWOL. It was much lighter than it looked.