Urban (tooth) decay

Ian HancockComic Relief Bake Off

Straight out of Stratford, comes a crazy mother baker called Andrew, from a gang called programmers with attitude. Brap, brap

If anyone is capable of a cake drive by, it’s our Andrew Male. Scattering the opposition with what can only be described as ‘the cake that hit everyone between the eyes’.

Some said that this Amaretto and Raspberry cake represented the 80’s urban decay between caucasian and colour, with the raspberries highlighting the blood feuds and years of racial battles. Deep moody stuff! Unlike Andrew!!

Rat a tat – The creative design got everyone’s attention.

Pop, pop – we were hit by the fantastic rich flavour.

Brap – brap, everyone agreed that this cake was streets ahead of the competition.

While Richard Hayes (reluctant baker) is more hip op. Our Andrew bought cake flavour that was truly hip hop.

All other contestants now know there are some complete ‘bakers’ in Stratford. One dare not pass through ‘the stat‘ without being fully armed with fork and spoon. Andrew, respect to the south Midlands massive. Boom shank.

Tasters comments:

Excellent ‘old mother hubbard’ style cake with wonderful old skool detail.

Fantastically simple in looks, but the taste sensation sneaks up and bites you in the Ameretto. A deceivingly complex concoction.

A bit dry for me but it looked fabulous.

This one felt like I was taking a flight in a Tornado fighter whilst watching Miss Marples – adventure mixed with tradition – and as if that wasn’t enough – it had sauce – tremendous!