The Type Detail web font project

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“The rule and goal is to annotate a web typeface each day, pointing out the beautiful details of the type forms that often get overlooked.”

When you design a website one of the big considerations you need to take is the font used throughout the site. For example, on the Miro site we use Roboto which Google have just made open source. We chose it because it’s a clean font that can be read well at any size. That, and it’s Google’s preferred font so it must be doing something right.

I wrote a blog last week that Apple were thinking of replacing Helvetica Neue as it’s standard font on OS X and iOS due to it’s success on the Apple Watch. If it works on a screen that small, the thinking is it’ll work flawlessly on bigger devices too.

You can probably tell I like fonts.

That’s why the Type Detail project set up by Wenting Zhang, a UX designer at Viacom, caught my interest. The project is looking at a number of web fonts and explaining why they’re so effective. The project has only just started and will last for 100 days between May 18th and August 26th.