SwiftKey for iOS 8

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SwiftKey is the best keyboard for iOS 8

One of the biggest updates to iOS 8 is allowing third party keyboard, something that has been available to Android users for…well, forever.

There are lots of third party keyboards in the App Store from today (e.g. Swype, Fleksy, Minuum) but the one everyone has been waiting for is SwiftKey.

Long known as Android’s favourite keyboard, SwiftKey is a keyboard that, actually, makes sure you type less. Using incredibly intuitive software, SwiftKey learns from you and predicts what you might say next. Not only that, using SwiftKey Cloud, you can save your writing profile and use it across multiple devices.

The best part of SwiftKey is the incredibly fluid ‘swipe and type’ action that allows you to swipe across letters – without lifting your finger – to spell out words.

SwiftKey is the best iOS 8 keyboard

The best bit? SwiftKey is absolutely free from the App Store. So if you’ve updated your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8, what are you waiting for?

P.S. They’ve even got Stephen Fry narrating their videos…for free.