Snickers Create Clever PPC Campaign

Ian HancockStuff

“Have a snickers, because your a right diva when you’re hungry”

Many of you may be familiar with the quote from the Snickers TV advert featuring Joan Collins, which jokes about the negative effects of hunger. Yet Snickers have played on this further by creating PPC campaigns targeted at hungry office workers.

Snickers cashed in on the fact office workers may have sloppy productivity when hungry. Yet rather than just creating a social media campaign, Snickers realised this would be blocked by I.T departments and so bypassed this by buying 25,000 misspelled search terms to create a number of PPC ad’s.

In the realm of SEO, targeting the misspelling of words has been a strategy in order to capture lost traffic through people’s common misspellings. Yet Snickers have taken this to a whole new level and used their ad copy to play on this, by suggesting that hunger caused the person to misspell. Some of these ad words included “buisness”, “wether”, amazin” “vacum” “wierd”. In just two days Snickers achieved 558,589 impressions on these ad’s.

Google are against the deliberate misspelling of terms and will show AdWords ads with the correctly spelled keywords. However they didn’t in this instance, possibly because the keywords weren’t massively competitive.