Miromedia – A Responsive Website Case Study

Simon JonesContent Marketing


We often get asked if we see a difference when we build a mobile website. Our answer? Yes. And, usually, strikingly so.

To prove the point, we decided to come up with a responsive website case study. We did some research on a client of ours for whom we built a fully responsive Magento based eCommerce site in October 2013 and have recently tweaked following Google’s whitepaper entitled Principles of Mobile Site Design: Delight Users and Drive Conversions.

To make sure our research was relevant, we knew we had to isolate a period of time where we could accurately compare year-on-year results from 2014 to 2013 so we chose the early May Bank Holiday.

And, boy, the results were remarkable.




212%! That’s quite an increase. And when you consider mobile traffic was only up 13% year-on-year it shows how many people are more willing to buy on their mobile if the site lets them.




Again, the number of transactions on mobile just shows that whilst visitors may visit an eCommerce site on their mobile, the majority of them will only shop on their mobile if the site is set-up to make it as easy for them as possible.




Eventually all eCommerce sites come down to the bottom line – revenue. Or how much people spend. The year-on-year results show that the revenue generated from mobile visitors in the isolated period of 2nd – 5th May 2014 was as good as double the revenue generated by mobile visitors from 3rd – 6th May 2013.

So, if you’d like to ask us what difference a mobile website can make to you, give us a call on 01926 358 200.