Outdated Content Acquisition – Out with the old in with the er…old?

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It probably goes without saying that link building/ link earning is essential in online marketing.  Not only does generating new links improve the ranking of a website, it also helps a website to be discovered (click-through visitors), generate leads, connect with others (relationships), and build a stronger online brand presence.

Time is the enemy of information. Almost everything dates, news has to be exactly that, “new”. What was once hitting the headlines is usually forgotten about in just a few days. Saying that though, many things you read are remarkably similar to things you may have read before, maybe even years before.

There are millions of pages of content on the web, many of them aren’t timeless, but many of them can be refreshed, revitalised and made relevant. This is where the concept of outdated content acquisition comes into play.

Outdated content acquisition brings a lot of opportunities for link building, you can search through hundreds of outdated pieces of content that have managed to get natural links in the past  and try acquiring the content to utilise it for your gain.

Let’s take a look at a tool we can use to find this outdated content:


Green Lane SEO’s Outdated Content Finder Tool allows you to find all kinds of content that is under-maintained but can still be used.

The concept of outdated content acquisition works like this – you find the relevant content, you contact the blog/site owner, you ask if you can purchase their page, you then redirect it to your new updated and relevant version of the page – it’s that easy!

There are no panda-esque issues because it’s not duplicate content, it’s not poorly rehashed content that has no value, instead it’s simply a case of page redirection.