Multi-User Management in Google Chrome

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First things first, a quick introduction from myself, James, a new member here at Miromedia.  My on going journey through the world of digital marketing has brought me here and so far I’m loving every minute of it…

But on to my first contribution to the blog…

What is Multi-User Management in Google Chrome?

The multi-user management feature in Chrome allows you to open separate browser windows for different Google accounts.  This is a great feature for people working in agencies who have to constantly switch between different accounts for access to Google Analytics or AdWords and can save you the time and hassle of signing in and out repeatedly.

How to Use the Multi-User Management Feature

  1. Go to Chrome Settings and look for the users section:Chrome multi user management - how to 1
  2. Select your user avatar and in put a name for the profile, then choose whether or not you would like to create a desktop short cut and click create:Chrome multi user management - how to 2
  3. Then simply sign in to the account you want to attach this profile to and your all done!Chrome multi user management - how to 3

And that’s all their is to it!….

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