Mrs T vs Rocky (Road)

Ian HancockComic Relief Bake Off

What a battle we have seen today, in our first head to head. Following on from Elliott Clarkson, at 3pm this afternoon, entering the ring, semi professional baker………

Sar…………ah T……….ill.

Great news for our tasters, with 2 helpings in 1 day. However, today’s offering from Sarah has not arrived without controversy. For example, the bake off was Sarah’s idea in the first place. She agreed the rules and everyone has emailed Sarah’s cake scores directly to the Judge (Sarah Till). This has been unsettling, to say the least. Add to that, Sarah confirmed today that her husband will be helping add all cake scores together. So now a second judge has appeared on the scene. This whole event is starting to feel a little like an Amir Khan fight.

Emotions have been high in the Till house. With competition so high at Miromedia, Sarah found herself awake at 12.30 Saturday night, worrying if she should change her planned cake to something a little more left field. Mr T’s response to Sarah’s cake related panic attack. ‘Stick to what you know fool’ then he had a glass of milk and went back to sleep.

All worries were dissolved this afternoon, when Sarah entered the ring with what can only be described as THE heavyweight contented for the title. It’s fair to say that this cheesecake is going to take some serious beating. I have never seen so many grown men made happy by one woman’s cake.

The texture was fab, the taste a delight, presentation strong. Sarah is truly, in it to win it. If I had paid for this in a cake shop, I would have left a fat tip 🙂 All votes will be deserved. However, some are claiming there may need to be a recount, if Mugabe (sorry Till) wins hands down.

Taster comments:

Cheesecake is a difficult one to score on presentation points. However, the sweetness of the chocolate covered strawberries set off the citrus perfectly.

A nice classical presentation – no funny faces or iPads. Taste: very nice. creamy firm filling. strong base.

A spectacular, creamy adventure for the mouth!