Miromedia help support Paper High’s Marathon Fundraising Efforts

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Miromedia have helped Mark Woolley, founder of Paper High, to eclipse his target and raise over 110% of his £3000 fundraising goal for Cancer Research UK. A figure to match Mark’s commitment to this year’s London Marathon.

Almost all of us have been impacted by cancer in some way. Whether through friends, family, or a personal experience – it’s likely we have come into contact with this dreadful disease. Cancer isn’t discriminatory. It disregards age, gender, ethnicity, religion, caste, and character. The work of charities like Cancer Research UK is breaking ground, but continued support is necessary to fund the ongoing fight.

Mark asked us if we could use our knowledge of email marketing, rather than donate money, to help him reach his target of £3000. The entire team agreed that the cause was overwhelmingly worthy of our support, thus we set about creating a simple, but effective, email campaign as our way of supporting Mark’s efforts.

We drew up a plan to send two emails. The first would be sent out in early April to both Paper High’s email list. As with any campaign, we approached this with the attitude that people like to feel that they are rewarded for taking a particular action. We included a prominent link for people to donate on Mark’s Just Giving page. It was agreed that for everyone who donated, we would provide a surprise gift for them to use on their next order from Paper High.

The second email would be a thank you email, and an update with how Mark got on with his gruelling Marathon, as well as the final total raised, and an offer for all recipients in the spirit of charity.

We were so glad to be able to contribute to Mark’s monumental achievement of raising more than £3,300 for Cancer Research UK, and we wish him the best of luck with the next one! A massive thank to all of the wonderful people who donated to the cause.

Mark Woolley of Paper High

Mark Woolley, founder of Paper High on completion of the London Marathon