Miromedia Copywriter Quoted in Retail Focus

Ian HancockSearch Engine Optimisation, SEO Copywriting

Our very own Dean Ronnie was quoted as part of a Retail Focus article about contactless payment.

The quote was taken from an blog article Dean wrote as part of the online marketing service we provide for Prima Solutions, a specialist provider of software solutions to the fashion and apparel industry.

The quote attributed to Dean is below:

Dean Ronnie, who is responsible for content marketing on behalf of Prima Solutions, is of a similar opinion: ‘Apple technology is technology that many people already have and Apple is a brand that many people are captivated by, following it almost religiously. It is for this reason that Apple Pay is destined to have appeal that many consumers won’t be able to resist.’

For any retailer providing multichannel retail solutions to customers, now is the time to upgrade checkout facilities to support mobile payment services, believes Ronnie. ‘What technology of this type will do is blur the lines between online and offline retail,’ he says. ‘Apple Pay isn’t just a way to pay for items in retail locations; it is also a new way to pay for in-app purchases. So, if you are a grocery retailer offering a home delivery service, customers will be able to purchase groceries through the app using this contactless payment service and they will be able to use the same payment method for goods in your retail store.’

You can read the full Retail Focus article here.