Miromedia Bake Off – Bec’s Key Lime Pie

Ian HancockComic Relief Bake Off

Today saw the start of the Miromedia Bake off in aid of Comic Relief.

The unenviable task of opening proceedings fell to Bec, who rose to the challenge by producing an outstanding Key Lime Pie. Below are the details;

Prep/Bake Time: 1 hour then 3 hours refrigeration. (no actual baking required)

Ingredients/Recipe: Please contact us for ingredients and preparation details.

What the Voters Said:

“Very good. Clean fresh flavours. Minimalistic and no extras. I’d like to see a bit more pomp.

“The consistency of the pie was exceptional and the base perfect.”

“Not the biggest fan of Citrus.”

Analysis & Prediction: 7.75/10

A very good opener. Clean, refreshing flavours as required by any Key Lime Pie. The sharp lime and subtle sweetness played off each other perfectly, with neither stealing the spotlight from the other. Textually the light, airy pie and firm, buttery biscuit base worked wonders together.

The soft green pastel colouring to the pie certainly looked the part. The minimalistic approach to presentation, which consisted of lime zest, may have left some wanting in the aesthetics stakes. The voters will be generous on the first day of competition and extra points are deserved for stepping up to the plate and going first.

Although an early entry, Bec’s Key Lime Pie is a solid contender for a podium finish. It will be a very tough act to follow and tomorrow sees the turn of semi-professional baker/pâtissier Tash Male. More to follow.