Miro Help Out Strider at Stage 4 of the OVO Energy Tour of Britain

Simon JonesStuff

Miromedia director, Ian Hancock was delighted to help out at Stage 4 of the Ovo Energy Tour of Britain yesterday (06/09/17) alongside our client, Strider Bike UK, who held a “balance bike race” at the event.

The exclusive distributor of Strider balance bikes across the UK and Ireland, Strider Bike UK supply an alternative to conventional bikes with stabilisers. Instead of having pedals, gears and a chain, a Strider balance bike has a lighter frame, which is lower to the ground and allows the child to sit on the bike with both feet on the ground. This improves their balance and coordination, preparing them for the challenges of riding a conventional bike. As shown by yesterday’s event, in which Ian helped out at, they are also fun to race!

Strider Bikes at Tour of Britain

Taking to the Mansfield to Newark stage of the Tour of Britain, a group of happy-faced young riders were pitted against one another as they raced their bikes on the actual finish straight of this section of the tour.

And it wasn’t just the children having fun yesterday, Ian also had some fun of his own by taking his recently purchased (and extremely rare) 35th anniversary reissue Raleigh Team Aero Pro Burner. The BMX turned many a head at the tour and was also a conversation starter for many, including the guys at the Wiggle stand, who went beyond talking and used it to test out their tricks!







Images courtesy of Wiggle.