Meet the Team – Ian Hancock

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Miromedia would like to start our Meet The Team series of posts with an introduction to our Director, Founder and Co-Owner, Ian Hancock.

Ian started out as a freelance designer in the early 90’s, building a solid foundation which led to working in the Design and Marketing department of Barclays, where he worked until 1998. In this fast-paced, high responsibility position he learnt many crucial skills regarding large-scale commercial work.

In the late 90’s Ian wanted to use the valuable knowledge and experience he’d gained to start something from scratch, and not one to shy from a challenge, Ian started his first Digital venture in 1999. Over the next 4 years, Ian enjoyed the tests and experiences he gained and learnt many valuable lessons which he still benefits from to this day.

Ian started Miromedia in 2002 from the ground up, which has become a thriving digital marketing agency thanks to the experience, expertise, and resilience from Ian, and from those brought on board to join the team. One of which is Peter Tyler, whom Ian met 6 years ago from working closely on many successful projects. In 2018, they decided to merge companies and combine their experience in order to best serve clients, and haven’t looked back since.

“I am extremely proud to have built and managed a digital agency through many economic challenges, and am fortunate to have met many incredibly talented and creative people on my journey. Miromedia now has the best experience, process and team we have ever had. And there’s more to come. We never stop learning and never stop progressing and inventing”

Some fun facts about Ian

Ian is the youngest of 6 children and has 16 nieces and nephews. Both his parents were from Liverpool (explaining the passion for football – the red side), and his dad designed 3 well known collectable models for Dinky Toys including the VW Beetle. Ian has cycled over 4,000 miles since March and drove to France to climb Alpe D’Huez and Croix de Fer in August.

Outside of work, Ian’s passions are his family, and anything to do with cycling or football (both playing and supporting). Ian is naturally inquisitive, always keen to learn how things work, including classic cars. He’s rebuilt a 1969 Triumph Spitfire, a VW Beetle, and his favourite and most challenging, a 1966 Mustang.