Kenilworth Barbarians step onto sacred turf of Ricoh Arena

Simon JonesStuff

The not quite Under-23 Barbarian squad were given the opportunity to display their flare style of play on the Coventry headquarters of Premiership runners-up, Wasps.

Sporting their recognisable jerseys, sponsored by Miromedia, the Babas were invited to take part in the mixed-team touch rugby event, for a Tuesday evening of fun and friendly competition.

Coached and organised by the Dai Young of touch rugby, Peter Jones, the team had a fantastic time at the home of Wasps and Coventry City FC, and look forward to returning to the Ricoh in the future, perhaps as more than spectators. Watch this space.

Kenilworth Barbarians at the Ricoh

The mixed Kenilworth Barbarian touch squad looking highly professional in their Miro sponsored jerseys!