Ideas are Dime a Dozen – Content Creation

Simon JonesContent Marketing, Inbound Marketing

I often feel like i’m racking my brain when generating content ideas for industries that i’m not overly familiar with, and lets face it we’ve all had those days where nothing, no matter how hard you try, comes to mind – apart from “what should I eat for dinner tonight?”

Additionally, you don’t want to create just any content, you want to create quality content that achieves set goals and objectives whether these are traffic, conversions, shares or engagement. Below, I have provided you with two very simple and effective tools that provide you with relevant and current information to create valuable content:

1. Google Content Generator Tool – V2

The Google Content Generator Tool is a Google Docs spreadsheet – created to research current online activity over a wide platform of sites, such as Google News, Google Insights, Bing News, Reddit, Youtube top rated videos, Yahoo! Answers, trending tweets and many more – How good is that! Moreover, using the Google content generator will help you develop an understanding of current trends, relevant articles and  influential searches online – providing you with sources to outreach to or use as inspiration!

Here’s how to successfully use the tool:

1. Access the tool here

2. Log in to your Google account

3. Go to file and click ‘Make a Copy’

4. Enter your keyword E.g. ‘Hotel’ into cell ‘B3’ and press enter (for multiple keywords use the ‘+’

   symbol E.g. London+Hotel)

2. Soovle

All SEO’s should know about Soolve – fast, effective and easy to use,  Soolve is guaranteed to help you generate popular, searched for content. To use this customisable engine simply type your keyword into the search bar; Soolve will then produce search suggestions and completions from the top providers on the internet, such as Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Youtube,, Amazon and Wikipedia.

 To customise your Soovle click on the link titled “engines” at the upper right of the screen. Once clicked, an Engine Selector tab will open and you will see a miniature diagram of Soovle with a collection of 24 possible search engine options. In order to change your Soovle engines drag your chosen engine icon into a position on the mini-diagram of Soovle. Furthermore, you can also choose to have 7, 11 or 15  search engines shown on your Soolve page.

Soolve and The Google content tool look basic!, but they will transform the way you generate content, filling your brain with relevant and popular ideas for copy, link bait and viral campaigns. All you need to do is simply type in your keywords!