I Heard it Through the Twitter Vine

Ian HancockStuff

Many businesses have taken a while to implement social media activity. It’s only really now that many companies are starting to truly understand the benefits of social media within a marketing campaign. Although social media may not always directly get you sales, what it does do is increase brand awareness and engagement.

Twitter has just launched it’s new Vine app which enables users to upload a short 6 second looping video. Twitter has said that it’s a way to inspire creativity and easily capture motion and sound. You may be wondering how this could fit into your social media activity. Check out these retailers below who haven’t wasted any time utilising vine.


Topshop has recently uploaded 10 videos centered around London fashion week. The videos give customers a glimpse behind the scenes and a look at different models on the catwalk. Topshop using vine in this way to uncover a major event, enables customers to feel part of the brand as they have “insider knowledge” and therefore feel in the loop.


Asos uses social media marketing at the core of it’s marketing activities. Rather than just using vine to display products, ASOS has attempted to get it’s followers to add their own content by posting clips of themselves unboxing their orders using the hashtag #ASOSUnbox. ASOS getting shoppers to show off their own products, is a great idea, as it shows a two way engagement. It encourages customers to look like ambassadors of the brand by showcasing products to friends and followers.


Selfridges has also started using Vine to upload clips from London Fashion Week. The video below shows models on the runway at a Paul Smith fashion show.

Vine is still a new app and these brands are testing it out, most notably with clips from events. This is a quick win as the brands are associating themselves with exclusive fashion events within their industry realm – ultimately highlighting their position and authority.

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