Ham ‘er’ Time!

Ian HancockComic Relief Bake Off

It was more bac on than bake off this morning with Piggy Wilkins’ pork inspired Coffee and Chocolate extravaganza. Pigs in a hot tub surrounded by Kit Kats seemingly the dream that inspired Jules’ bake off entry. As the Miro team tucked into Peppa and her friends comments were made as follows;

– Presentation – Very strong indeed. Best so far bar one.

– Tasted good. Slightly dry but nice.

– Gotta a lotta Kit Kats on it…,

– Loved those pigs bums!

– The skill, creativity and dedication required to create this cake is worthy of special recognition. However, the Miromedia reference is tenuous at best and ‘just’ about worth an extra tenner! Very pronounced coffee cake sponge fused with a fabulously rich fondant chocolate covering was mouth-wateringly soft and moist. It was almost a shame to eat the pigs. However, the marzipan added to the taste bud experience. #

So overall a ‘crackling’ display by our Julian – he’ll be wee, wee, weeing all the way home in delight!

Pig Cake