Half of all Google searches are now mobile

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According to Amit Singhal, Senior Vice President of Search at Google, half of the 100 billion searches they process every month are from mobile devices. Mobile devices, Singhal clarified, are devices with screens smaller than six inches.

Let’s just take another look at those stats quickly in isolation.

First off, Google registers 100 BILLION searches per month. Secondly, over 50 billion of those are from devices with screens smaller than six inches. Not iPads or other tablets; proper mobile devices.

Never has it been more important to make sure your online presence is ready to cope with mobile visitors. If it isn’t, they’ll find somebody who is set up for visits from mobile. It’s that simple.

We’ve built a number of mobile ready websites in the past six months and our clients are already reaping the rewards.

In particular, one client has seen the following:

132% year on year increase in revenue attributed to mobile devices
23% year on year increase in conversion attributed to mobile devices
127% year on year increased on transactions attributed to mobile devices

Mobile is taking over and this statement from Google is proof of that.

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