The Robots...

Gus’ Gifs #4

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The Robots...


Okay I couldn’t find any robot gifs so I’ve gone with a technology theme but in reality – it’s only a matter of time before AI infiltrates everything in our lives from toasters to cars to……..slippers!? Then who’ll be laughing? The robots – that’s who! Your fridge will be laughing at you – think about it!

Enjoy this little tech collection – Robots not included:(

Carpark Robot

Actually – that one was a robot!

Robot car

Robot again…

Robot bin



Awkward…very tenuous this one but there is a wire in robots…..unless?

Baby phone

No wonder he didn’t answer it – he’s 3 minutes old – idiot!

Helicopter landing dog

And now the robots are leaving – the tiny robots – OH AND THERE’S A DOG! Missed that first time round!