Getting Old Pages to Rank

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Older pages can be tough to get moving. Older sites will be full of pages that perform OK for their designated keywords but need that slight boost to really make a difference to your business. So, how can you get an older page to go from half way down page one to the top? Here are a few tips.

Build More Links

Links is one of the most long-standing approaches to getting a page to rank higher up for your chosen terms. It certainly isn’t as effective as it one was but it still helps. New links to the old pages will help them creep up he results pages for relevant terms. Its worth checking the existing link profile of the page before building new ones. There may be broken/lost links that can be reclaimed. Remember to keep it clean. Google is always tightening up and looking for manipulative linking practices. Internal linking will also help.

Give PPC A Go

PPC wont help the page to rank higher but it will encourage a higher click through rate. This is because users are more likely to click on pages that appear in the natural results as well as the paid listings. Two listings are better than one. Simple

Make Modifications to the Page

Making small modifications to the page, the meta data that is displayed on search results pages in particular, can help ranking and CTR. Try changing the title and meta description. You can also add new content such as videos and reviews to results which will certainly help both ranking and clicks through to the page. Better content will also drive conversion.

Update Content

Don’t just add videos and change the meta description; update the actual page text! Google loves fresh content, this is no secret. Expand and add to what is already there.


It may be the case that you have lots of pages that target the same or similar keywords. Bringing all of this together into one page with richer content will work better than having multiple pages that are all going after similar keywords. Use 301 redirects to ensure no traffic is lost.

All of these are fairly simple fixes and none will break the bank. If you think your entire site needs an update and you want to rank well across the board, or if you have some new keywords you want to rank for then Miromedia can help. We provide a comprehensive online service from site design and build to SEO and PPC.
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