Facebook Graph – Bit of a Laugh?

Ian HancockStuff

Facebook has recently rolled out it’s new Graph search over the past week which is designed to help people find recommendations, sift through images and find people who may enjoy certain activities according to what they “like”.

Graph search allows you to find people according to their “likes” and enables people to connect through these “likes”. Facebook graph is a social search tool where people can search for those who share the same interests and likes such as “those who like rom-coms” and those who like “tennis”.

However Facebook graph search has raised some issues over privacy. Those people who uploaded pictures and information years ago have been concerned about how their information is being portrayed. It’s now becoming easier for users to find photos and other things people have shared on the social network site. This is where the right to be forgotten would be ideal!

Graph search can be easily manipulated and highlight Facebook users’ embarrassing photos, likes and hypocrisies and intertwine them giving you funny concoctions. Here are some of the random search queries that people have been testing, have a go for yourself and see if any of your Facebook “friends” are up to no good!