Dream Team Season Draws To A Close

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As our yearly Dream Team season ends, we can all agree it’s been an emotional roller-coaster over the last 9 months. Jack Hancock has been out in front for the majority of the campaign and it almost seems unfair that Gus has overtaken him in the final few weeks. Unfortunately it’s a marathon and not a sprint, but a great effort from Jack all the same. Will this young manager’s experience serve him well in future years, only time will tell.

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Out in Front – Obi Wan Kenobi Nil

Ironically, you could track Gus’s rocket into first place alongside the improving fortunes of Aston Villa, under their new young manager Tim Sherbert. Sherbet put his faith in ….aBenteke, ….aBenteke and got the best out of him. Gus noticed this early and rode Christian to victory. It was rumoured that Gus went down to Villa’s training ground and whispered in aBenteke’s ear. It’s unclear whether Christian has felt Gus’s breath on the back of his neck during these final weeks.

Second Place – Jack’s Trumpers

Jack’s approach was unorthodox, in that many of his players were picked on their form. I need to point out that it was their Xbox FIFA 14 form. This managerial style can’t be knocked, as Jack has steered his team to a hair’s breadth of the title.

Disappointed Third – AV On Self Destruct

Lagging behind, in 3rd place, is yours truly. Having won the title for the last 3 years, this year will be seen as a failure. I interviewed myself and asked some shocking questions. Here is what I thought:

1 – Do you feel you have disappointed this season?


2 – Could you have done more?

No, I found it hard to motivate the players at times. It’s their fault not mine. I think their hunger has gone.

3 – Will there be wholesale changes next year?

Yes, there will be less Liverpool players, for example. More Villa players, many more, maybe too many, maybe a team of Villa and ex Villa players could win it for me. At least they will be committed…… or I will be?

Sad Fourth – Dead Hand Gang

Sitting in 4th is a re-entry to the league. Hal Sutcliffe was the winner 4 years ago and has not played since. Has the Old Master found it difficult, or have the others improved in his absence. I, for one, would advise that Hal spend the off season in the gym preparing for next year.

What Happened Fifth – Atletico De Moonhead

Where did it all go wrong for Elliott this year. In the same way that Gus’s season exploded upward, Elliott’s team imploded. With 5 weeks to go, he was above Gus and getting ready for his final push. It seems that Gus moved out of the way and left Elliott in his wake. Better luck next year buddy.

Victory Song

With one match remaining and surely the season wrapped up. Here is a song for our current leader. Well Done Gustard.