Ding Ding, Round 5

Ian HancockComic Relief Bake Off

Today saw the first head to head of the Miromedia bake off. With Heavyweight baker, Elliott Clarkson, going toe to toe with semi professional baker, Sarah Till. When an unstoppable force (Tilkins) meets an immovable object (Clarkson), something has to give.

Clarkson stomped into proceedings with what has been described as his own homage to a difficult childhood, a rough upbringing, and the business school of hard knocks, culminating in cake that says more about him that any of the previous contestants. Yes, it certainly has been a rocky road for Elliott, but now he has finally made it, living in Kenilworth, walking to work, baking in his spare time (living the dream clarkson, living the dream). And it showed, what a delight his cake was. The taste was fabulous, the presentation interactive, the design imaginative. If Hal bought a throwback to the 1900’s, then Elliott took us back to future. Question is, will the rocky road take Clarkson to victory. Stay tuned

Taster comments:

He’s certainly not on the rocky road to failure with this entry, but I doubt there will be an avalanche of high praise.
A remarkable & powerful nugget of crunchy richness from a markedly unremarkable nugget of a man – tremendous!
Tasty morsels indeed.