Day 3 in the Miromedia Bakeoff

Ian HancockComic Relief Bake Off

Well……. as Dane Bowers would say, lets take this to a whole New Level. Today was so Bomb Diggy that Hal didn’t even know it. Just shows that getting up at 1.30 in the morning has it’s benefits.

Let’s set the scene. Day 1… Members of staff proclaimed that we may have already seen the winner. Day 2… Saw our semi-pro enter in style.

However, Day 3’s entry could not have been any more spectacular, if Hal had arrived by Elephant, or riding a clam like Venus herself.

Hal (Miromedia’s own diet coke break) entered the competition with what can only be described as the most delicate of entries. Exquisitely laid out in a cavalcade of colour, with layer upon layer of delight. Soft and delicate, yet sure and assertive. The cake looked good too.

Prep/Bake time: 5 hours

Some say, he was following an old family recipe, but Hal is not giving away any secrets.

The only thing missing was a doily from the Stoneleigh Abbey Jacobian Wing. Tasters regaled in memories of Hal growing up as a lad, hopping around the drawing room in anticipation of this historic family treat. Followed by whoops of delight. ‘oh papa, mama, afternoon tea is such a delight‘. If you have seen ratatouille, times it by ten.

We press on tomorrow with Siobhan, but everyone agrees, it doesn’t get much better than this. Hal respect.

Taster comments included:-

“Very impressed!”

“Beautifully presented, sponge somewhat dense”