Content is King in 2013

Ian HancockStuff

Over the last 12 months content marketing has came to the forefront in terms of seo marketing strategies. There have been plenty of lessons to learn from 2012 in terms of where seo marketing is headed. 2012 has seen content marketing establish itself as a key factor in order to target your audience and should be an integral part of an seo marketing strategy.

Content marketing is no longer a quick fix fad and business owners and marketers need to get to grips with this if they are to have successful seo marketing campaigns going forward in 2013. Content marketing has been around from the beginning of the internet and before that, as far back as the printing of the very first magazine and newspaper. We have always been engaged with content, so it’s no wonder that it’s such an important element of online marketing activity. It’s just that now we’ve coined the term “content marketing”.

This is reinforced in the Custom Content Council’s Report which noted that 79% of marketers are now reporting that companies are moving into content marketing. 52% of companies are also reporting that they have outsourced some element of content creation in 2012.

Econsultancy’s content marketing survey report highlights that although 90% of marketers believe content marketing will become important over the next 12 months, only 38% of companies have a content marketing strategy in place. Only 62% of companies are just doing content on an ad hoc basis. This is a worrying statistic as it suggests marketers aren’t aware of the impact that quality content has on a site’s rankings. Marketers need to get on board with content marketing and quick in 2013.

The type of content produced is key. We are seeing a shift away from catchy one-liners to content that has a purpose to educate, share and engage. In 2013, we need to be conscious of the content we are putting out there and not just padding out sites. Creating low quality articles that flood the internet with unhelpful information  will subsequently turn customers away. The content needs to be succinct. We need to focus on writing for human engagement as well as for a search engine but ultimately the reader experience should come first. Search engines favour natural content rather than keyword stuffing, so if we focus on readability this will naturally occur.

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